Via Carolina, A Success Story

In June 2017, the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (CPPT), the TTO at Charles University in Prague, organised an Expo, Via Carolina, to showcase their research and Technology Transfer capability to students, staff and invited guests from the worlds of business and finance.

The day featured an introduction from the rector a round-table discussion on innovation in Czechia and presentations from inventors and experts in TT and early-stage funding. The main expo event presented the research capability, projects ready for investment and some examples of products already commercialised from each of the universities faculties.

Alan Kennedy, TT expert with PROGRESS-TT coordinator, MITO Technology, has been working with CPPT as part of the PROGRESS-TT one-to-one mentoring program to embed a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to capacity building within the TTO. CPPT employs Technology scouts who are also members of the research faculties, to reach out to potential inventors and connect them with the TT process. A key element in the mentoring program is to come up with a way to take new invention disclosures in systematic way, that links the scouts to CPPT and shows a seamless and professional TTO to the researchers. Alan has been helping the TTO staff and the scouts to work together to make this happen. The scouts and the TTO staff were out together at Via Carolina, presenting new technologies and the services offered by the TTO and showing how all the elements come together to commercialise IP.

Alan also advised CPTT in the introduction of new branding for the TTO which provided a very professional, high impact¬†background to the day. The day was a great success – well attended and well praised by the academics and business professionals alike and paves the way for this to become an annual “Matchmaking” event for researchers, businesses and funders.

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