The Party Is Almost Over, Capacity Building Has Responded to a Huge Unmet Need

Fourteen Wide-reaching Events Delivered

Since March 2016, PROGRESS-TT has successfully delivered fourteen out of sixteen capacity building events with a 90% satisfaction rate. With the two final events to be held in September and October 2017, PROGRESS-TT events have already been attended by 298 technology transfer professionals working at 124 Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) and/or Public Research Organisations (PROs) from 26 countries.

Approximately half of the participants are senior staff and head of TTOs, while only 37% of the participants have more than 6 years of experience in the field. The majority of the attendees (77%) are from the Southern and Eastern European countries, of which top five countries are Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, and Turkey. These statistics demonstrate the need for and value derived from initiatives such as PROGRESS-TT.

% number of attendees per region

It is interesting to learn that there is a high need/demand for capacity building events from TTOs in Southern and Eastern European countries, where most have not previously been able to attend training events due to limited financial resources and often simply do not have the time to travel outside their home country.

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, PROGRESS-TT events are offered at no cost, which made it possible to cater for these TTOs’ needs in further developing their knowledge and skills.

During PROGRESS-TT events, the leading experts, who all have more than 10 years of experience in the field, would discuss at least three real life examples taken from the PROGRESS-TT best practice library. Participants are then divided into smaller groups and encouraged to share their own experiences in facing the same problems, which resulted into getting to know how other TTOs work and basically sharing solutions to universal problems.

Aside from networking with their peers, the relevance of the materials i.e. the case studies as well as the level of discursive interaction have been consistently rated as most appreciated by the participants throughout all events.

Be sure not to miss the last two events, which are the boot camp on 27-29 September at Philips in the Netherlands and the workshop on 13 October at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in Italy.


Who attended PROGRESS-TT events:


What they say about PROGRESS-TT events:

“Very well organised & practical event with speakers clearly very experienced & experts in their field – lots of food for thought when I get home.” – Miriam Welsh, Head of intellectual property, Teagasc, Ireland

“Remarkable and well prepared training with a great and useful content for TTO managers.” – Otomar Slama, Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer at Charles University, Czech Republic

“A very valuable workshop strongly based on real cases to quickly improve the understanding of topics and get viable solutions.” – Alessandra Orlandi, Humanitas Mirasole, Italy

“I will recommend this course to TTO managers, seasoned TTO professionals, it was definitely worth my time!” – Ebru Tan, Koç University, Turkey

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