Individual Intensive Support for TTOs

How to apply for support?

As part of the intensive support programme of PROGRESS-TT we will work with a maximum of 30 TTOs in 2016 and 2017. The selection process for recipients of the PROGRESS-TT support activities is currently being refined. Towards the end of 2015 an assessment methodology will be established and implemented, based amongst other criteria on PRO research output, exploitation effectiveness and technology transfer process efficiency. To apply interested TTOs will fill in an application form including an online diagnostic of their growth potential. The first support activities will be launched during the second quarter of 2016.


Diagnosing potential for growth

Our assessment tool is based on the CCODE™ tool which is a growth model designed and successfully implemented for private companies by Pera Consulting; CCODE™ has been adapted to fit the needs of Tech transfer organisations through PROGRESS-TT. Once ascertained the potential for growth of each selected TTO, we will directly work with them to improve their capabilities, capacity, opportunities, desire and environmental setting to stimulate their growth. The selected TTOs will receive tailor-made training and coaching modules to work address the five dimensions for growth. Partnering with high-potential TTOs will also be sought to establish knowledge transfer between organisations.

2 main models of support will be implemented:

Intensive support – Teaming


Intensive support through teaming provides coaching and peer support across all stakeholders

To achieve the dual aims of intensive transfer from experienced PROs, and building understanding between PROs and IP consumers, we will use a teaming model.

A high-potential PRO will be matched with a high-performing PRO, based on their similarity in terms of research focus and size. This will ensure the high-potential PRO is learning skills proven to work for an organisation like theirs. It will also increase desire by providing a directly relevant case study of what an organisation like their can achieve. The high-performing PRO will provide coaching, training and mentoring at all levels within the PRO to transfer best practice in TTO management and wider management of the PRO to enable effective technology transfer. Industry and investors will also be invited into the team. They will take part in workshops and coaching/mentoring to ensure that all team members develop a mutual understanding and empathy. The involvement from industry and investors will be smaller but crucial to maximising the impact of the project.

The team will create an Action Plan, implemented through an estimated 12 days of mentoring, coaching and training, and possibly supplemented by secondment activity. The team will be assisted by a Key Expert who will facilitate the matching process, support the creation of the action plan and offer additional expert mentoring to the team. The Key Experts are all recognised TT ecosystem experts (see section 4) and their input will greatly enhance the performance of the teams.

Intensive support – Clustering


Intensive support through clustering ensures small PROs are still able to exploit their IP effectively

Some PROs, especially in economically underperforming regions, lack the critical mass of IP and resources to make investment in a high performing TTO a viable economic proposition. For example, many smaller institutions may only complete a handful of licence deals each year, and may only achieve a spin-out once every few years. In these circumstances, it is hard to retain specialist skills across years when they may not be needed for some time. Having said this, many of these institutions produce excellent research results with high commercial potential. To ensure that these opportunities are not lost, we will offer a “clustering” programme of support, which will help generate critical mass on supply side.

Each cluster will contain three or more PROs, supported by a central/lead TTO. This may be a separate physical entity, or a virtual TTO formed from the teams of the individual institutions. The rest of the support programme will be identical to that offered through the Teams model above, with industry and investor involvement in the cluster. We naturally expect more of the project coaching resource to be spent on establishing the clusters, leading to greater involvement from the Key Expert supporting PROs.

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