Group Training for TTOs

Wide reaching capacity building activities

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Underpinning all our support activities will be a core programme of Capacity Building for Public Research Organisations (PROs), industry and funds. This program will serve 4 purposes:

  1. Allow a wide range of end users to examine, test and validate the best practice gathered and formulated by the project (targeted at Industry, Funds and all PROs)
  2. Raise awareness of the need for capacity building in technology transfer (targeted at Industry, Funds, and Emerging PROs)
  3. Raise skills and desire to grow TT performance (targeted at Industry, Funds, and Emerging PROs)
  4. Raise implementation skills (targeted at Emerging and High/Medium Potential PROs)

Support will be delivered through various media, such as: E-learning and Webinars (such as Knowledge Transfer directors’ interviews online with live chat); Training events (“one-to-many”); new training modules to be delivered as part of other major TT events (e.g. ASTP conferences); Workshops (“many-to-many”); and Boot Camps (grouped training and workshops); dedicated training sessions. In particular, we will look to transfer best practice from experienced TT funds to emerging funds, including those being established by TTOs and regional and/or national institutions aspiring to set up Funds. Also, where relevant, we will help industry to engage in TT, especially through joint best practice workshops with PROs. By working with all parts of the TT ecosystem, we have the greatest possible chance of delivering sustainable change.

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