Our Approach

PROGRESS-TT is a pilot initiative with the ambition to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the technology transfer process in Europe. It will do so by gathering best practice around the process of technology transfer in four priority “areas of focus”. These have been derived from performance factors proven to increase capacity of TTOs and endorsed by a panel of recognised experts in technology transfer:

  1. Scouting ideas/technologies from Public Research Organisations and incentivising researchers to disclose IP
  2. Assessing IP potential, validating technologies and incentivising for commercialisation
  3. Accessing finance and interacting with financial stakeholders
  4. Securing TTO Staff skills and organising the TTO for optimum growth

Around these four areas a suite of tools, methods and insights are being developed and will be tested with selected technology transfer offices (TTOs) in the EU Member States and Associated States. This capacity building programme for technology transfer professionals includes:

  • Training, workshops, boot-camps and e-learning modules delivered to TTOs and TT funds to develop their core skills. Read more…
  • Intensive coaching and mentoring for high potential Public Research Organisations to accelerate their TT activity. PROGRESS-TT will establish ‘teams’ of experienced TTO practitioners, industry, funds and high performance PROs around the selected organisation to address specific barriers to growth. Read more…

Improved access to finance for PROs by bringing together established and emerging TT funds so that they share best practice and identify cross-border collaboration opportunities. Read more…

PROGRESS-TT Project Updates

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