Get professionally certified through PROGRESS-TT learning events

PROGRESS-TT is currently exploring offering to beneficiaries of our Capacity Building learning events to receive certification, at two levels. First, at an individual-level: granting delegates having attended events a professional recognition based on the certification of training materials used in the training of TT professionals. Second, at organization-level: certifying whole Technology Transfer Offices based on the degree of involvement of their members of staff in the various learning events of the PROGRESS-TT project.

The novelty is in this second approach to certification which is ambitious, innovative and very much aligned to PROGRESS-TT’s mission of supporting the skill development of teams rather than single individuals. Indeed, a certification at organization level could be very valuable for TTOs, as it would indicate a strategic approach to learning, with selected members of staff attending learning events that are specifically relevant to their activities.

The rationale behind the work towards the certification of both individuals and teams having learnt with PROGRESS-TT is rooted in the importance of peer recognition for career advancement. For professionals working in technology transfer, obtaining a professional certification can be extremely valuable to signal to employers, colleagues and third parties that a professional has reached relevant and demonstrable core competencies in the field. In a survey to TT professionals employed in European universities developed within the PROGRESS-TT project, the respondents explicitly recognized the importance of certification for their profession. To this end, TT professionals try to attend certified training courses that allow them to reach the certification. In fact, to the question asking to indicate whether the accreditation of courses was perceived as important (on a 1-5 scale, where 1=unimportant and 5=extremely important), 50% of the respondents answered assigning the highest values of 4 or 5 (total average value equal to 3.23), and 23% of them assigned the value 3.

PROGRESS-TT expects the process for certification of past and forthcoming events to take a few more weeks to be finalised. Beneficiaries of PROGRESS-TT events will be contacted in due course to inform you of the outcomes. And if your team has already attended a number of PROGRESS-TT events, then consider attending more to achieve certification when it is available.

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