PROGRESS-TT Strategic Stakeholders

In addition to the nine project partners, a number of other strategic stakeholders in the field of Technology Transfer are involved with our work to advise us and share their experience. They form the PROGRESS-TT Community.

Pool of Experts

Besides these strategic advisors, a number of individual technology transfer experts have come forward to support the delivery of PROGRESS-TT. They have a minimum of fifteen years of experience in the field and come from all parts of the TT value chain. The pool of experts will be leveraged when intensive support will be offered by the project in 2016 and 2017; each selected Technology Transfer Organisation or Fund will be matched to a given expert or a team of experts to be guided through the implementation of its capacity building plan.

“Intensive assistance in evaluating inventions and in commercialising those with the highest potential is needed in the EU and should be accessible to any interested researchers anywhere in Europe. More systematic use of Technology Transfer (TT) processes will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the EU economy making PROGRESS-TT one of the best programmes assisting TT professionals in offering a geographically comparable and professional support across the whole spectrum of TT activities and in particular in investment readiness. As an experienced TT professional, I will support this project to the best of my abilities.” Špela Stres, PhD

Head of Unit Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

“As TT practitioner for over 15 years now I am really keen to share my experience and “give back” to the community of professionals across Europe through carefully planned and structured capacity building actions. That’s why I am particularly interested in supporting the PROGRESS-TT project.” Patrick Terroir

Chair of Patent and Technology Licensing Committee, LESI, France

PROGRESS-TT Project Updates

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