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CAF#4 - Securing staff skills and organising the TTO for growth

How to build relevant skills of TTO professionals?

How to organize the TTO to achieve critical mass and optimum growth?

How to build effective partnerships between TTOs?

How to assess the quality and quantity of human resources against need and growth targets for the TTO?

How to recruit the right people for your TTO?

Where to access training in soft skills of negotiation, relationship management and communication to influence future IP buyers, licensees and investors?

How to engage the PRO in lobbying public sector partners for financial or political support?

How to assess the advantages/disadvantages of pooling resources with other PROs/TTOs to gain access to knowledge and experience?

We have identified 5 best practice currently illustrated by 9 case studies to help you strengthen the systemic capability of the TTO to discover, develop, manage and commercialise IP, the skills and competences of TTO staff primarily in project management skills and better organize the structure of your TTO.

Browse real-life cases illustrating best practice in IP TTO organisation now:


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