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Sharing Best Practice from across Europe

PROGRESS-TT seeks to identify best practice which have been proven – through literature or experience – to increase TTO’s potential for growth and which can inspire other practitioners to improve their own.

To enable the wider dissemination of this knowledge, the project has created a Library of refined, formatted and validated cases illustrating a number of Best Practice in 4 main Critical Areas of Focus.

This library is – to our knowledge – the first attempt at collecting successful practice in a systematic way at European level*. Through a year of intensive research and consultation with public research organisations (PROs), technology transfer organisations (TTOs), researchers and experts from industry and TT funds, PROGRESS-TT has identified four main performance factors needed to build capacity in technology transfer: Potential, Desire, Systems and Access to Finance. We also identified the main barriers to successful technology transfer for TTOs in Europe, such as a lack of general management training and IP management training and skills within the TTO, poor research quality at the PRO, leading to low opportunity of creating IP, or lack of incentive programmes implemented through TTO to engage researchers in TT. Linking the barriers to the performance factors PROGRESS-TT arrived at four sub-domains of the Technology Transfer process on which to focus support for TTOs. This provided the rationale to identifying best practice in these four Critical Areas of Focus:

  1. Scouting ideas and technologies and incentivising disclosures
  2. Assessing IP potential, validating technologies and incentivising for commercialisation
  3. Accessing finance and interacting with financial stakeholders
  4. Securing staff skills and organising the TTO for growth

From an initial pool of more than 100, the project team selected the cases most relevant to a number of selection criteria, as follows:

  1. Relevance i.e.: “Does the Practice have the potential to enhance the growth of TTOs and inspire them to improve their operations?
  2. Fit with the Critical Area of Focus i.e.: Is the Practice coherent with the critical areas of focus?
  3. Evidence of success i.e.: Is there adequate evidence of success with respect to the impact of the Practice?
  4. Transferability of the Practice i.e.: How transferable is the Practice to a different organisational and institutional context?

How to use the Library?

Best Practice and case studies can be browsed by clicking on a given Critical Area of Focus above, or by keywords via the search form.

Work in Progress!

The identification of cases illustrating Best Practice in the four Critical Areas of Focus continues throughout the project. If you would like to share your case study with us to explore whether it can be added to the Library, please Contact Us.


*As part of the review of existing literature on technology transfer carried out by PROGRESS-TT, other previous studies or projects presenting a set of Best Practices in Technology Transfer have been identified. The following links present some outcomes that are particularly relevant to TT practitioners and are complementary to PROGRESS-TT’s own library of Best Practice and Case Studies:

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