Innovation lies at the heart of Europe’s growth strategy. However, Europe lags behind its international competitors in converting innovation into commercial returns. The solution partly lies in improving the transfer of technology from PROs to industry, a mission entrusted by the Commission to the PROGRESS-TT consortium. Through a programme of workshops, training, bootcamps, coaching and mentoring we aim at increasing capacity within selected TTOs.

Who Are We?

PROGRESS-TTPublic Research Organisation GRowing Europe through best practice SolutionS for Technology Transfer is a 3-year pilot initiative funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 643486).

  • We are 9 highly qualified international partners, representing the complete value chain of Technology Transfer practitioners.
  • Appointed by the EC to gather good practice for the commercialisation of IP.
  • We are developing tools, methods and insights that will be embedded within selected TTOs through training, coaching and mentoring.

Supported TTOs will improve skills in targeted areas of the TT process, increase the Return on Investment and accelerate Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) of the R&D projects they handle.

The support received through PROGRESS-TT will serve as a European quality label for successful projects opening possibilities to access pan-European strategic networks including public and private finances.

As a pilot initiative we aim to leave a legacy of solutions that can survive the Commission’s funding. Our Capacity Building Strategy document – currently being drafted and to be published in 2016 – will address that long term perspective acting as a catalyst for relevant initiatives working towards the same goals.

Work Packages

Work package 1
Capacity Building Strategy

Work package 2
Identify and Leverage Best Practice

Work package 3
Formulate Suites of TT Capacity Building Solutions

Work package 4
Implementation Phase: Wide-reaching activities

Work package 5
Implementation Phase: One-on-one Activities (Teaming & Clustering)

Work package 6
Dissemination and Legacy

Work package 7
Project/Consortium Management

PROGRESS-TT Project Updates

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