April 2017

Dear reader,

First of all, as a member of the European TTO community, here’s a word of thanks for your support to date: as you will read below, 30 TTOs are currently receiving one-to-one support from PROGRESS-TT and 261 delegates have attended one of our learning events so far and still more to come!

However, with only 8 months to go until the project ends, we are starting to focus our efforts on learning from the work done and defining the challenges which still need to be addressed by other forthcoming initiatives on the topic of Capacity Building of Technology Transfer Professionals. Whilst we are still delivering our one-to-many events and one-to-one coaching programme, we are also in the process of collecting feedback and analysing it to find out how the PROGRESS-TT approach – revolving around the Critical Areas of Focus (CAF), the Best Practice and case studies identified by the project and the tools developed – have benefited their recipients. To do so, the Capacity Building Strategy defined by PROGRESS-TT at the very start of the project is being reviewed and will evolve into a new document, the so-called Legacy Plan, a broader, public document which will capture the results of the project and how to sustain them. The Legacy Plan will also propose further improvement ideas on how to support TT professionals in Europe in dialogue with key stakeholders in the field, and primarily the project Advisory Board. Through the newsletters and dedicated communications to come, we will keep you updated of this dialogue and of our conclusions. Watch this space and thank you for reading!

Best regards,
Célia Gavaud, PROGRESS-TT Project Coordinator


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The PROGRESS-TT project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 643486.